Severus Snape

Severus Snape (Harry Potter Series)

I have to admit, that I wasn’t much of a fan of the Professor in the first novel/movie due to everyone thinking that he’s the one who was planning to steal the Philosopher’s Stone. I seriously blame Harry for this. However, I instantly became a fan of his on how he kicked butt in the Duelling Club in the second novel/movie. So I guess that makes up for it. But as I see that we both had similar things in common brought me closer to him and I had to show my dedication. Because of that, he’s become the only character I will re-read the books and re-watch the movies for. In the past, I tried to keep a domain completed dedicated to him, but it failed. So I thought I would open on a subdomain. Risk is probably the only shrine that I’ve probably given alot of effort. No matter if the series is completely over, my love and defense for him is eternal and will never die.

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Elsa of Arendelle (Frozen)

Since my childhood up to this point, I’ve always loved every Disney Heroine. Of course, Aurora was my favourite. However, when Frozen got released, everything changed and Elsa became my number one favourite then Aurora became second. I never thought that this person would become my favourite because obviously, the trailer I saw at the time, made me think that Elsa would become a villain and I thought I would like the villain instead of the main heroine, which I would always do. But Elsa didn’t become a villain. She was this person who my heart went out to and saw some similarities in myself. Cause of that, I liked her more than Anna. I went nuts and went to buy almost any kind of Elsa merchandise I can get (yes, that includes dolls and I’m happy about that). Of course, at the same time, I knew that I had to make a shrine for this lovely (and very much adorable) Queen.

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strong willed

Snow White Mary Margaret

Snow White/Mary Margaret (Once Upon A Time)

You’re probably wondering why I like her even after what she’s done and what happened throughout the seasons. She’s one of the characters that I really see character development. I mean, you can see her being that she’s a good person and you can see and learn that even the good people can lose their way and try to do good again. She tries to make up for it for the people she cares about. At the same time, in addition to her Disney Princess (and from the original fairytale I would add, I think) persona, I also love that she’s a fighter. It was completely unexpected for me to know that Snow White knows how to wield a bow and arrow, because she would have never used one. As a bonus, I think they made a wonderful choice having Ginnifer Goodwin to portray her. She has that kind of beauty and sweetness that really brings both characters to life. Especially her wardrobe (major props to the costume department).

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Alice Liddell American Mcgee

Alice Liddell (American McGee’s Alice)

Firstly, I should be thanking Buruma due to owning the fanlisting for the game as I came across it (and also got the both games on the PS3 release). I never knew nor expected that there was a darker version of Alice in Wonderland. The art really freaky (in a cool way) to see in Alice and I think in my view, gotten more darker in Madness Returns. Also, in some scenes, more lovelier (like her dresses, Mysterious East, Vale of Tears, the Dollhouse and Londerland to name a few). But when it comes to Alice herself, I was awestruck. Totally and completely opposite from the original novel. At the same time, I don’t know why, but I loved how broken she was. It was sad and at the same time, facinating, in a strange way. With a mix of her wit and sarcasm next to her fighting skills, made this Alice totally loveable and awesome to my eyes.

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pure heart

Tsukino Usagi

Tsukino Usagi (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Usagi is a very special character that I hold very close to my heart since childhood, as almost everyone else does, I think. I liked her for who she was, not because of the whole “oh, because she’s a leader, that’s why you like her.” No. Her personality was attracted me to liking her. While I was growing up, watching Usagi being nice to everyone she meets, made me want do the same thing (or well tried to). I wanted to be like her because she was an amazing girl. Being a fighter of peace, a princess and a school girl altogether. That’s kind of tough to balance all that out in my point of view. I was really excited that they were making another anime series again but more closer to the manga. I plan to make a shrine for Usagi back before Crystal was announced, on a domain called moon-eternal.net but sadly, like Risk, the plan also failed and I decided to make a shrine on a subdomain instead.

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Izayoi (InuYasha)

I usually have a weakness for kind and motherly characters (why? I don’t know), but Izayoi became one of my favourites that I had to make a shrine to. She didn’t care that she fell in love with a demon; she knew that about the concequences about falling in love with one, but to her, she didn’t care. She was just a regular person who followed her heart and fell in love. Lucky for her, the one she loved, loved her back. I mean, there’s nothing wrong that that, but if you were in the feudial era, they would kill you for that (as it happened to her in the 3rd movie). She was a princess and it seems like she didn’t care about her status. But I fell in love with her selflessness in the movie that she’s shown in her appearances and because of that, I knew that I had to show that I show why I care. At the same time, to me she’s a character that’s overrated and needs to have some attention.

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Elizabeth Comstock

Elizabeth Comstock (Bioshock Infinite)

Despite how poisonous Tumblr can be, it still can be awesome to due the creativity almost everyone has on this website. I usually get into new fandoms quick because of it. Thanks to that, I came a across a graphic art of Elizabeth in her Burial at Sea appearance. She kind of reminds me of Megara and Rapunzel from Disney’s Hercules and Tangled, respectively (she’s a mix of both) but she wields a gun and can open an alternate universe. I find it kind of interesting how their stories are twisted into one single being, however, she changes a lot as the story goes. I watched some scenes on Youtube then bought the game. I can relate to her on the same level; because like her, I’ve never really traveled the world (I don’t know if going to MontrĂ©al and Buffalo counts) and I’ve been stuck living in the same city for all my life. I guess, that’s what really attracted to me in the first place. She wants to go to and live in Paris with all of her heart.

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monogamy isn’t realistic



I never thought I would like this movie so much. It’s actually my third Judd Apatow’s movie that I watched (first one was Knocked Up). I knew who Amy Schumer was, however, I didn’t watch her show because I would usually miss it when it comes on the Comedy Network (and now sadly, I don’t have the channel anymore so I will buy the series on iTunes). I just suddenly watched a tv spot when I was watching tv, then I was like okay, let me see if I can watch the trailer and stuff. And that was a few days before the movie got released. I watched the trailer on Youtube and I actually got interested. The day the movie got released, I went to see it and after that, I couldn’t believe how priceless this movie was. Amy has written the best romcom of the summer. It gives you so many mixed feelings; you’ll be laughing, crying, smiling. Every single actor in this movie gave it their all and I loved it to bits (still do really and I wish that it was released on iTunes right now so I can watch it all over and over again).

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Aslaug (Vikings)

To be honest, Aslaug is the one person who got me into watching the series. I started watching the second season without even bother to watching the first. I’ve seen this tv spot a few times. Obviously, the scene explains itself but I feel that there was more to this woman than being pregnant. Then, I saw the teaser trailer on Youtube and I was mesmerized on how her part was. So, I started watching the second season when it premiered on History. Found out, she was a princess and her parents were famous. Of course, she was getting so much hate in the fandom, yet, I didn’t bring myself to hate her. She seemed so fierce and confident. She said that she’s nothing like her mother and she’s herself (a line which I’ll love eternally). A lot of people think that she’s a whore, but I don’t think so. She gave Ragnar what he wanted. Everyone thinks that because she doesn’t fight, she’s useless. I don’t believe that either. She can fight by using words. She’s political.

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the only exception


Aaron Conners & Amy Townsend (Trainwreck)

I loved watching the scenes Amy and Bill were in together when they were portraying their characters. You can really believe their chemestry. It was just too adorable and really romantic. As soon as I saw their first real kiss together in the movie, I knew that I had to make a shrine for their relationship and kept it in mind. Despite the many relationships I love from other fandoms, this one probably is the most realistic relationship from a movie that I love the most. I admit, I’ve never had experienced a relationship with someone before, but watching them really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Most important was the both of them wanting to make the relationship work. I saw that I was kind of like how Amy was in the movie (for her, it was because of her father’s words, for me, it was mainly due to the relationships that I’ve seen in my family. So I was a bit phobic and at the same time envious, if that makes any sense). But when I saw Amy getting over her phobia, I realized that I have to do the same thing.

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