Kirijo Mitsuru (Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3)

Major thanks to my Persona ladies (Samantha, Cherri, Snow and Tara) for getting me into this game. I actually saw a few shrines done before getting into the fandom. The first time I played, I amazed at how cool Mitsuru was. Presedent of the Student Council, she comes from a rich family, she’s pretty, everyone respects her and as a bonus, she’s a Persona user. She may have her secrets but it’s understandable why she was till I finished the game. By the time I was at a certain point in the game, Mitsuru kind of reminds me of Elsa from Frozen. Not just because both ladies use ice as their element, but both ladies want to protect the people who are dear to them. That determination is what amazed me.

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fragments of light


A Fanlisting Collective

I started doing fanlistings around the end of 2006, but really started doing them in 2007, which ever counts for you. But it’s one of the reasons I got into Photoshop and web designing. I had no idea how to do them at first. I requested layouts, then I learned how to do them myself. My first fanlisting collective was called Everlasting Peace, then I bought the domain, and switched the collective name to Where Loyalties Lie (the idea came from Severus Snape from Harry Potter). Then I decided to separate my fanlisting collective from my site domain and bought both and I wasn’t happy with the name so I bought Fragments of Light (the idea came from Legretta from Tales of the Abyss).

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divine saber


A Tales of Collective

It’s been a very long time since I played video games. Mainly, because one, I kinda lost all of my Gameboy Colors I had in my life (my favourite color was this clear purple one I had), and second, my mom thought I was too old to play video games and kept saying that they were for boys (yeah, she’s that kind of person, but I got through her). I never thought that I would play again. But this series of games, was perfect for me. I started watching the Tales of Symphonia OVAS, then I played the game and I bought other ones too (Guess I should thank Samantha for this.) I originally had to host only Symphonia related works, but I played a lot of games and my fangirliness of the games grew, so I bought (since it’s one of the main spells of the games) to replace that.

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first aid!


A Tales of Directory

Before First Aid! came to be, Tara did open one, and it was called Apple Gel (named after the most used item that restores 30% of health in the series) but it was suddenly closed down after a short. I was sad since I was aiming to submit a shrine or fanlisting during that time. After almost a while of not having one, I thought of making one during Amassment’s Clique Happy Marathon. The name First Aid! came after thinking of calling it from a main spell that’s very much used in the series. So I checked in the Tales of Wiki and I chose First Aid. First Aid is (of course) a healing spell is most often given to main healers (and some other characters like Kratos, Zelos and Flynn), and also restores a small amount of health to a member of your party.

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