Elizabeth Comstock

Elizabeth Comstock (Bioshock Infinite)

Despite how poisonous Tumblr can be, it still can be awesome to due the creativity almost everyone has on this website. I usually get into new fandoms quick because of it. Thanks to that, I came a across a graphic art of Elizabeth in her Burial at Sea appearance. She kind of reminds me of Megara and Rapunzel from Disney’s Hercules and Tangled, respectively (she’s a mix of both) but she wields a gun and can open an alternate universe. I find it kind of interesting how their stories are twisted into one single being, however, she changes a lot as the story goes. I watched some scenes on Youtube then bought the game. I can relate to her on the same level; because like her, I’ve never really traveled the world (I don’t know if going to MontrĂ©al and Buffalo counts) and I’ve been stuck living in the same city for all my life. I guess, that’s what really attracted to me in the first place. She wants to go to and live in Paris with all of her heart.

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