Izayoi (InuYasha)

I usually have a weakness for kind and motherly characters (why? I don’t know), but Izayoi became one of my favourites that I had to make a shrine to. She didn’t care that she fell in love with a demon; she knew that about the concequences about falling in love with one, but to her, she didn’t care. She was just a regular person who followed her heart and fell in love. Lucky for her, the one she loved, loved her back. I mean, there’s nothing wrong that that, but if you were in the feudial era, they would kill you for that (as it happened to her in the 3rd movie). She was a princess and it seems like she didn’t care about her status. But I fell in love with her selflessness in the movie that she’s shown in her appearances and because of that, I knew that I had to show that I show why I care. At the same time, to me she’s a character that’s overrated and needs to have some attention.

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