Aslaug (Vikings)

To be honest, Aslaug is the one person who got me into watching the series. I started watching the second season without even bother to watching the first. I’ve seen this tv spot a few times. Obviously, the scene explains itself but I feel that there was more to this woman than being pregnant. Then, I saw the teaser trailer on Youtube and I was mesmerized on how her part was. So, I started watching the second season when it premiered on History. Found out, she was a princess and her parents were famous. Of course, she was getting so much hate in the fandom, yet, I didn’t bring myself to hate her. She seemed so fierce and confident. She said that she’s nothing like her mother and she’s herself (a line which I’ll love eternally). A lot of people think that she’s a whore, but I don’t think so. She gave Ragnar what he wanted. Everyone thinks that because she doesn’t fight, she’s useless. I don’t believe that either. She can fight by using words. She’s political.

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