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Tsukino Usagi

Tsukino Usagi (Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon)

Usagi is a very special character that I hold very close to my heart since childhood, as almost everyone else does, I think. I liked her for who she was, not because of the whole “oh, because she’s a leader, that’s why you like her.” No. Her personality was attracted me to liking her. While I was growing up, watching Usagi being nice to everyone she meets, made me want do the same thing (or well tried to). I wanted to be like her because she was an amazing girl. Being a fighter of peace, a princess and a school girl altogether. That’s kind of tough to balance all that out in my point of view. I was really excited that they were making another anime series again but more closer to the manga. I plan to make a shrine for Usagi back before Crystal was announced, on a domain called moon-eternal.net but sadly, like Risk, the plan also failed and I decided to make a shrine on a subdomain instead.

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