Severus Snape

Severus Snape (Harry Potter Series)

I have to admit, that I wasn’t much of a fan of the Professor in the first novel/movie due to everyone thinking that he’s the one who was planning to steal the Philosopher’s Stone. I seriously blame Harry for this. However, I instantly became a fan of his on how he kicked butt in the Duelling Club in the second novel/movie. So I guess that makes up for it. But as I see that we both had similar things in common brought me closer to him and I had to show my dedication. Because of that, he’s become the only character I will re-read the books and re-watch the movies for. In the past, I tried to keep a domain completed dedicated to him, but it failed. So I thought I would open on a subdomain. Risk is probably the only shrine that I’ve probably given alot of effort. No matter if the series is completely over, my love and defense for him is eternal and will never die.

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