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Snow White Mary Margaret

Snow White/Mary Margaret (Once Upon A Time)

You’re probably wondering why I like her even after what she’s done and what happened throughout the seasons. She’s one of the characters that I really see character development. I mean, you can see her being that she’s a good person and you can see and learn that even the good people can lose their way and try to do good again. She tries to make up for it for the people she cares about. At the same time, in addition to her Disney Princess (and from the original fairytale I would add, I think) persona, I also love that she’s a fighter. It was completely unexpected for me to know that Snow White knows how to wield a bow and arrow, because she would have never used one. As a bonus, I think they made a wonderful choice having Ginnifer Goodwin to portray her. She has that kind of beauty and sweetness that really brings both characters to life. Especially her wardrobe (major props to the costume department).

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