divine saber


A Tales of Collective

It’s been a very long time since I played video games. Mainly, because one, I kinda lost all of my Gameboy Colors I had in my life (my favourite color was this clear purple one I had), and second, my mom thought I was too old to play video games and kept saying that they were for boys (yeah, she’s that kind of person, but I got through her). I never thought that I would play again. But this series of games, was perfect for me. I started watching the Tales of Symphonia OVAS, then I played the game and I bought other ones too (Guess I should thank Samantha for this.) I originally had sylvarant.net to host only Symphonia related works, but I played a lot of games and my fangirliness of the games grew, so I bought divine-saber.net (since it’s one of the main spells of the games) to replace that.

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