the only exception


Aaron Conners & Amy Townsend (Trainwreck)

I loved watching the scenes Amy and Bill were in together when they were portraying their characters. You can really believe their chemestry. It was just too adorable and really romantic. As soon as I saw their first real kiss together in the movie, I knew that I had to make a shrine for their relationship and kept it in mind. Despite the many relationships I love from other fandoms, this one probably is the most realistic relationship from a movie that I love the most. I admit, I’ve never had experienced a relationship with someone before, but watching them really opened my eyes to a lot of things. Most important was the both of them wanting to make the relationship work. I saw that I was kind of like how Amy was in the movie (for her, it was because of her father’s words, for me, it was mainly due to the relationships that I’ve seen in my family. So I was a bit phobic and at the same time envious, if that makes any sense). But when I saw Amy getting over her phobia, I realized that I have to do the same thing.

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