10 popular restaurant concepts we’d love to see come to Calgary


There are so many popular restaurants in Calgary.

From chain restaurants, mom and pop spots, pop-ups, food markets and local restaurant groups like Concorde Entertainment, Calgary’s food scene is exciting.

But still, when you travel or hear about all the fantastic restaurants in other cities, you can’t help but dream of going there.

There are so many exciting restaurant concepts with more and more locations; it is natural to expect to hear announcements that the next outpost will be at YYC.

Here are some popular restaurants we would like to see open in Calgary.


“Eating Crab in Malibu at Nobu,” Drake sang on “Who Do You, Love,” and we, what we love is the idea of ​​a Nobu coming here. It is one of the most recognizable restaurant names in the world and one of the most popular restaurants in the world to be frequented by celebrities. Sticking mainly to larger markets like Las Vegas and Los Angeles, they seem to be growing fast, so you never know!



If you’ve ever been to Vancouver, surfed Tofino, or have friends from there who can’t stop talking about it, then you’ve heard of Tacofino. This California Baja-style taco spot started as a truck parked in Tofino, BC, and now has multiple locations and trucks. Everyone has a different menu, and we hope the next creative menu will be in Calgary. We just saw the opening of Surfy Surfy in Calgary, which is so good we might not even need a Tacofino.


Labretto pizza

With five locations now in Toronto, Toronto locals know this pizzeria very well. This is a growing brand that makes authentic Neapolitan pizzas, both classics and fun creations. Calgary certainly has some world-class pizza, but we’d love a chance to try a New York-inspired American Labretto pie made with fresh aged mozzarella, Parmigiano-Reggiano, San Marzano tomato and fresh basil.


Burger In-N-Out

There was a time when In-N-Out Burger was just one place in LA Then after a few others you still had to drive to California to order one of the legendary double-double burgers or something from the menu secret. Animal style, anyone? Now there are well over 100 locations in five states. We think it’s time it started to expand into Canada, especially since it’s one of the most popular restaurants in North America.


egg slut

Michael Gordon/Shutterstock

Eggslut is a chef-led gourmet sandwich shop that started in 2011. It’s inspired by a genuine love for eggs, which makes sense given its name. There are currently locations in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Seoul, Kuwait, London and Singapore – but not in Calgary? ! The Fairfax is the signature breakfast sandwich here, made with soft scrambled eggs and cage-free chives, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, and sriracha mayonnaise, all on a warm brioche bun.


From the Toronto location with three different levels, the noodle bars, or the butlers, there are several different Momofuku concepts. Serving an ever-changing menu of noodles, steamed bread, soft cream and daily specials, this place has been a leader in popularizing ramen and Asian cuisine in North America. It doesn’t matter which version we get, we just want a version to come to our city.


lord of fries

Lord of the Fries is a burger and hot dog spot that’s one of Australia’s best fast food joints. Like any good burger, the fries are amazing too, and there are several kinds. It’s actually so delicious that most Australian tourists don’t initially realize the not-so-secret fact that it’s entirely plant-based.


Shake Shack

In-N-Out Burger leads the show in the West when it comes to fast food chains, but this place has the crown on the East Coast.

Bigger burgers, smashed patties and crinkle fries are crowd pleasers here. For us, if it ever comes to YYC, we’ll be the Shake Shack team for life.


Restaurant Guy’s Burger

More than anything, we just want to see the frosted tips and flamed pimples in person. Plus, there’s no way this place of Diners, Drive-Ins and Guy Fieri from Dive isn’t a total blast, is there? Calgary is known as Cowtown, but it’s time we changed it to Flavor Town.

PF Chang’s

It was recently announced that PF Chang’s, a global brand known for wok-style cooking, would open in Edmonton. It’s very good for them, but we can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy. This is the first location in Alberta, and we can only hope to see one here soon.



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