Asian University Rankings: Pause for Reflection


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Many commentaries on Asian higher education focus on its rise, and there have been phenomenal developments, including extraordinary achievements in research and growing enrollment rates in higher education.

But one area that may not yet have met high expectations in the near term is its progress in recruiting international students.

While experts had predicted that the pandemic could hasten East Asia’s emergence as a regional hub for higher education, continued border restrictions and geopolitical tensions mean it may take some time before the continent became a serious competitor to the major English-speaking nations of the West. This is a question we explore in our main analysis, with one researcher suggesting that it could be 20 years before we see a significant increase in intra-Asian higher education mobility.

Asian University Rankings 2022: Results Announced

Japan is a country that has long struggled against internationalization. In an interview with Times Higher Educationthe president of Tohoku University explains how he tries to make his institution more friendly to foreign professors.

Analysis of the data that underpins our ranking of Asian universities suggests that its insights could be useful to leaders in many parts of the region. According to our figures, the main weakness of Chinese universities is their international openness, while India is also struggling in this area – although the latter nation has a clear plan to improve this via its national education policy. . Meanwhile, internationalization is a relative strength for institutions in Saudi Arabia, a country that is also gaining prominence in research.

Elsewhere, some countries are prioritizing challenges closer to home. Choltis Dhirathiti, executive director of the Asean University Network, argues that universities in the region should redouble their efforts on more fundamental issues related to the quality of teaching and research in order to “catch up” with Western institutions, while the President of Mahidol University focuses on developing academic talent and introducing more flexible education with the aim of attracting a wider pool of largely domestic students.

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