Bangor gets a new Peruvian restaurant in a pretty familiar


A new game in town…

When korean dad opened its doors a while ago in Veazie, it was welcomed with open arms here in Bangor. Maybe even a little too open. In some ways, it seemed like they weren’t ready for the instant popularity of their popularity. And then almost as quickly as they opened, they closed.

But soon word got around that they were open on the weekends, and you could order ahead. Then you would just jump over and pick it up. But only being open on weekends left the building dark for the rest of the week. But that is changing.

An even newer game in town…

Just yesterday, Korean Dad announced on his Facebook page that he would be sharing his space with a new Peruvian restaurant called Mi Causa. Korean Dad will be open on Saturdays, while Mi Causa will be open Monday through Wednesday.

This is a concept in the restaurant industry that has gained a lot of traction in recent years, where multiple restaurants share the same space, but on different days or times.

It’s exciting to have a Peruvian style restaurant here in the Bangor area. There isn’t much information about Mi Causa online other than Korean Dad’s post, but judging from the comment section on the post, people are here for it.

More information as soon as possible, please…

I googled some topical Peruvian dishes, and one could loosely imply that it has obvious Latin influences. I imagine they will have ceviche on the menu. But South American food, in general, varies quite widely.

It’s also not 100% clear when they open. But, today is Monday, so maybe it’s worth heading to State Street in Veazie and if they’re up and running. I’m hungry for new dishes in Bangor, that’s for sure.

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