Budapest among the best university cities in the world!


Campus Advisor has ranked college cities around the world based on international student ratings. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, was also on the list, although it was only in the middle of the ranking.

The best college towns in the world

On University Advisor, you can read reviews of universities and colleges in many countries. But now they have released a comprehensive long list of the best cities to live in as a student. The list of thirty cities includes Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Budapest came in fourteenth. The Hungarian capital was ahead of Singapore, Edinburgh, Boston, Amsterdam and other cities.

Cities are ranked according to six criteria. These are student friendliness, cost of living, nightlife, public transportation, amenities, and safety. The Hungarian capital scored a total of 4.31 out of a maximum of 5 points. The highest score was 4.73 for nightlife, while the lowest score was 3.71 for cost of living, edulin reports.

“Budapest is the perfect city for students. It has amazing nightlife (pre-COVID), it’s relatively cheap compared to other big cities, it’s safe compared to other capitals. It’s good to make some Hungarian friends at the start of your studies, so that they can help you with administrative stuff, but it’s also great for an international student, very friendly and lively city,” said somebody.

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Top of the list

The best university city in 2022 is Melbourne, Australia. He scored 4.69 on a maximum of 5 points. Newcastle, UK (4.53) and Seoul, South Korea (4.52) also made the podium. Melbourne scored a near-perfect 4.97 in the Student Friendliness category. But it scored above 4.5 in all categories except cost of living.

“I’ve lived in Melbourne all my life, it’s a great city. There’s plenty to do whatever your hobbies. Also, if you want more ‘outdoors’ activities, the areas regional areas surrounding Melbourne also offer great opportunities for adventure. The only downside is that Melbourne is an expensive city. Renting isn’t cheap. But there are great opportunities for finding work and support while studying” , explains an academic.

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Source:, Campus Advisor


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