Chinese Village Community Space Wins Grand Prize at Seoul’s Human City Design Award


[Courtesy of Human Design Award]

SEOUL – House of Dreams, a Chinese village community space recreated using caves and local trash, has won the grand prize at Seoul’s Human City Design Award, an annual international event held to reward design projects. global designs that benefit people, society and the environment.

The third annual Human City Design Award ceremony was held at Dongdaemun Digital Plaza (DDP), a design and art center located in the heart of Seoul, on March 21 as an online event. The overall winner was awarded to the House of Dreams project which transformed an abandoned cave in the village of Dengfang some 680 kilometers (422 miles) southwest of Beijing into a village community space.

Insitu Project, the design group that spearheaded the House of Dreams project, renovated the cave system to house an amenity facility, communal kitchen, dining room and guest bedrooms. The designer group said the renovation project symbolized the collective memory of the former villagers who grew up in the cave. Residents of around 100 small nearby villages participated in the project to recycle waste and build facilities. Recycled objects were used to convey villagers’ messages.

An anonymous villager who participated in this project said that this project made people take pride in their community and deeply understand ways to reuse waste. Charles Landry, president of the Human City Design Award jury, said the House of Dreams project was a thoughtful project that offered residents the opportunity to learn new skills. Judge Rachel Troye praised the project and said: “it created and developed a model by allowing the participation of underqualified local residents on the basis of true cooperation and community. Its result was also aesthetically excellent .”

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