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DDB Asia has launched DDB University (DDBU), a one-of-a-kind regional summer school to equip DDB employees with emerging skills, team dynamics and leadership modules.

Launched in April, the ten-week program titled “DDBU: Metaversity for a new world” comprises 20 core modules spread across four content themes, including creativity, new skills, collaboration and leadership. Designed on the basis of a professional learning framework, the M method, it aims to develop M-shaped talents in four dimensions of growth by adding depth to basic creativity skills, learning new skills, collaborating in agile teams and building leadership.

Modules are developed and presented by best practice leaders across the agency group, drawing on the latest developments and trends within each content vertical. Conservatives include Asia-based leaders such as David Tang and Eugene Cheong, Andreas Krasser and Adrian Tso from Hong Kong, Jeff Cheong, Tegan Wilson and Jonathan Lim from Singapore, and Matthew Cheng from China. Sessions are shared live every Friday at DDB offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and India.

“We have incredible talent and practitioners right here at DDB,” said David Tang, CEO of DDB Asia. “It’s inspiring to see our best practice leaders working together to create and share content with their colleagues – it’s for the people, by the people.”

DDB Asia launches DDB University, a one-of-a-kind summer program

The first wave of course content includes a UXPTD framework for user experience, platforms, transmedia and data; the creativity of crypto and NFTs; Technological development of the Greater Bay Area; presentation best practices (modeled on adam&eveDDB); and team dynamics based on Kitchen Confidential by the late Anthony Bourdain, Adman version. Upcoming modules include Design Thinking, “Unexpected Works by Fame, Feeling, Fluency”, The Learning Brain@ddb.com, Q by Omni and NextGen Leadership. Attendees will also learn how to get the most out of DDB’s progressive global planning tools and platform-driven planning for the digital age.

“Our goal is to help DDB talents find their own M and develop a fierce combination of skills that tap into their strengths and potential,” Tang added. “Supported by our recently relaunched Four Freedoms, our mission is to give our people the space and tools to practice and thrive. It is the freedom to be.

The successful launch of the program attracted 250 participants, including colleagues from Europe, India and the United States.

“Beyond learning, the modules set benchmarks for how we work, create, collaborate, lead and present as an agency. The best practices from the material will guide how we measure growth and performance to continue to improve, to be more precise and more courageous,” Tang concluded.


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