Defamation case regarding Park Su-hong is handed over to the prosecutor’s office


Artist Park Su-hong [MBC]

Police investigating artist Park Su-hong’s defamation allegations against YouTuber Kim Yong-ho, who first alleged that Park participated in dating violence, decided to forward the case to the office of the prosecutor after concluding that the YouTuber’s claims were not true.

Park’s legal representative, Noh Jong-eon, of S Law Firm, said Wednesday that “Seoul Songpa Police Station is trying all charges.” [against Kim Yong-ho] including defamation, spreading false information, attempted coercion, obstruction of business and insults are all recognizable, and therefore decided to transfer the case to the Seoul East District Prosecutor’s Office on June 27.

Kim, a former entertainment industry reporter, uploaded a video last August claiming Park had used violence in his former relationships when he got drunk, citing reports he had received from exes – Park’s girlfriends.

Park denied the allegations, vowing to “quit the broadcasting industry forever if they turn out to be true.” Park sued Kim last August, a month after his wedding, for spreading false rumors and said he submitted all “material evidence” to prove the defendant’s claims were false.

Park is currently also in the middle of a lawsuit against his older brother for embezzlement. Park claims about 30 years of his earnings went to his brother, who ran an agency that represented him. Park’s brother then revealed the existence of Park’s then-girlfriend, now Park’s wife, to the media, claiming that the problem arose between the two not because of Park’s financial problems, but because Park’s family didn’t approve of the girlfriend, who is 23. younger than him.



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