Demonstration launched in a municipal park to check the performance of outdoor service robots


[Courtesy of Sejong City]

SEOUL – A demonstration project has been launched to verify the progress and safety of autonomous outdoor service robots for food delivery, quarantine and patrol in the central part of South Korea’s central administrative city of Sejong, which has a network of smart cities to test connected cars, self-driving and other innovative technologies.

The project aims to improve the production capacity of integrated platforms such as driving departments and chargers, Sejong said, adding that the collected video data will be stored in a big data control center through anonymization. “We will proactively respond to the 4th Industrial Revolution by applying the results of this demonstration to smart cities,” Yang Won-chang, a Sejong city official, said in a statement Oct. 20.

In the sprawling park, citizens can order food through a delivery app so operators can check the possibility of overnight services and links to external delivery services. The quarantine robot disinfects park facilities, uses facial recognition to identify those not wearing masks, and provides a wayfinding service. The patrol robot identifies fires and crimes while providing fine dust notification service through an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor.

Sejong, about 110 kilometers (68 miles) south of Seoul, has smart city infrastructure that integrates artificial intelligence, big data and autonomous technologies, allowing researchers to safely test newly invented self-driving cars. In South Korea, autonomous service robots have been tested or put into commercial operation in various sectors. On Oct. 13, the demonstration of 5G-based intelligent service robots began on Oct. 13 at a commercial area in Daejeon about 145 kilometers (90 miles) south of Seoul. The city has mobilized 15 robots for various services such as barista, delivery, guiding and patrolling.


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