Elephant gives birth in Kenya’s famous herd


Giving birth to new life is extremely special for all species. But in addition to being a joyful moment, it is extremely painful for the mother to give birth to a child, humans as animals. In a video making the rounds on the Internet, a mother elephant can be seen giving birth in the Masai Mara National Park and it has fascinated netizens. The 59-second clip was shared on Twitter by an account named Gabriele Como.

“An elephant gives birth in the Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya,” read the caption of the video. It has received over 10 million views now with 3.6 lakh likes. The visuals show the mother elephant standing alone first trying to push the calf out of her body. At the end, a herd of elephants comes to protect the newborn.

Appreciating the animal, one user wrote, “Elephants are something special.” He also shared a video of a mother elephant rescuing her baby who drowned in Seoul Zoo.

“They all come together and surround themselves to protect the baby. This is the life of elephants. They are such smart, caring, family-oriented social creatures,” another user said.

“It’s really cool how all the other elephants come running to greet the new one. And they are hunted for ivory…terrible,” read another comment praising the giant animal but at the same time expressing concern about their hunting.

Some comments also showed that netizens were curious about how animals give birth. “Why isn’t it so easy for humans?” Why can’t we walk almost immediately? said one user.

The Masai Mara National Reserve offers breathtaking views and abundant wildlife. It is located in southwestern Kenya and covers an area of ​​1,510 km2 (583 sq mi).

Of all mammals, elephants have the longest gestation period. Pregnancies in these gentle giant animals last for over a year and a half about 95 weeks or so.

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