Ex-president Park approves key aide from Daegu mayor


SEOUL, April 08 (Yonhap) — Former President Park Geun-hye has openly backed a key aide to her hometown of Daegu’s mayor in June’s local elections, in her first political decision since returning to his hometown last month following a presidential pardon.

Park, who was pardoned in December after spending four years and nine months in prison on a 22-year sentence for corruption, appeared in a YouTube video to declare her support for People Power Party lawyer Yoo Yeong-ha ( PPP), who is considered his closest assistant.

“Yoo has stood by me for the past five years that have been the hardest and most painful for me,” Park said. “Although I haven’t achieved all the dreams I wanted to achieve, I believe Yoo will achieve them on my behalf in my hometown and his hometown Daegu.”

The move came two weeks after he was released from hospital and returned to his hometown for the first time since his imprisonment. The former president then said that she plans to contribute “whatever little strength I have” to help talented people work for the development of Daegu and the country.

Park’s endorsement is expected to have some impact on the mayoral election as she has won strong support from voters in Daegu, a conservative PPP stronghold.

Besides Yoo, veteran lawmaker Hong Joon-pyo, who previously ran in the PPP presidential primary, and former PPP supreme council member Kim Jae-won are among the Daegu mayoral candidates.


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