FM Park cites progress in efforts to improve ties with Japan l KBS WORLD


Photo: Yonhap News

Foreign Minister Park Jin said that through sincere dialogue and communication, breakthroughs are being made in efforts to improve bilateral relations with Japan.

In a video message to the South Korea-Japan Future Dialogue forum on Saturday, Park said he had continued serious discussions with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi while meeting with him four times.

Park pledged to strengthen communication at various levels and restore mutual trust to quickly seek solutions to outstanding issues, including wartime forced labor.

Park also mentioned a joint report released by South Korea’s East Asia Institute and Japanese non-profit think tank Genron NPO, the forum’s co-organizers, which shows an improvement in the way Koreans and Japanese see each other.

The minister cited President Yoon Suk Yeol’s remark that Seoul and Tokyo must work together against threats to the freedom of global citizens, and stressed that the two countries are the closest neighbors geographically and culturally.

He said opportunities for strategic cooperation that have been overlooked due to strained relations should no longer be missed.

Minister Hayashi also sent a video message to the forum, calling South Korea an important neighbor and stressing the importance of cooperation, including with the United States.

He vowed to continue close communication with Seoul, based on Tokyo’s consistent stance, to restore bilateral ties.


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