FM Park Holds First Videoconference with US Secretary of State l KBS WORLD


Photo: Yonhap News

Foreign Minister Park Jin on Friday held his first video conference with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken since taking office on Thursday.

Park and Blinken strongly condemned North Korea’s provocations, including its ballistic missile launches from Thursday, and agreed to maintain the allies’ combined defense posture and strengthen coordination against such threats.

According to the Foreign Ministry, the two officials also reiterated that they remain open to dialogue with Pyongyang and jointly pledged to pursue consistent and principled negotiations with the North.

Expressing concern over the first confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the North, the two sides agreed to continue discussing ways to provide humanitarian assistance in cooperation with the international community.

Regarding the South Korean-American presidential summit in Seoul scheduled for May 21, Park suggested that the allies seek to further improve their overall strategic alliance.

Park and Blinken also shared the view that economic cooperation on issues such as restoring global supply chains is becoming increasingly important, pledging to strengthen their strategic communication.


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