FM Park Presents “Bold Plan” on North Korea at ARF l KBS WORLD


Photo: Yonhap News

Foreign Minister Park Jin presented the Yoon Suk Yeol administration’s “bold plan” for North Korea at the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), in which the North also participates, in Cambodia.

According to the ministry, at the ARF Foreign Ministerial Meeting on Friday, Park said that if Pyongyang takes substantial denuclearization steps, South Korea will prepare a bold plan to significantly improve North Korea’s economy and life of his people.

It is the first time that a Seoul government official has mentioned the so-called “bold plan” in the presence of North Korea.

The government is drawing up plans to provide exceptional support to the North in exchange for gradual denuclearization and is also discussing this with the United States

Park also strongly condemned the regime’s 31 ballistic missile launches this year, calling them a flagrant violation of several UN Security Council resolutions.

He said the North’s nuclear development jeopardized its own security, causing isolation and exacerbating the suffering of its people.

Speaking to reporters later, the top diplomat said he had urged the North to stop provocations and return to dialogue and diplomacy at the ARF meeting.

Meanwhile, An Kwang-il, Pyongyang’s representative at the conference, has continually accused the United States of double standards for its hostile policy against the North.


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