Genome Insight and Ajou University Medical Center Launch Program to Apply Whole Genome Sequencing to Routine Cancer Care


SAN DIEGO, August 29, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genome Insight, a cancer whole genome platform company, is launching a pilot program at Ajou University Medical Center to test the use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) in routine cancer care. the cancer. Cancer patients at different stages of the treatment journey will be eligible to receive the WGS test if the clinician notices potential clinical benefits for that patient. Genome Insight will provide its proprietary WGS cancer analysis and interpretation solution to Ajou University Medical Center.

WGS captures a nearly complete overview of a tumor’s genomic characteristics in a single test. It enables the discovery of all types of genomic mutations, including single nucleotide variants, copy number alterations, insertions/deletions and structural variants, many of which are targets for precise diagnosis and treatment but barely detected by common medical tests. The potential direct benefits of WGS against cancer include the ability to test new cancer drugs in a clinical trial and the development of new biomarkers for precision oncology.

While the potential of WGS as a comprehensive cancer diagnostic tool has been demonstrated in a number of studies, it is not yet used in routine diagnostic settings partly due to its high cost, its long lead times and technical challenges. This pilot program will empower clinicians at Ajou University Medical Center to use WGS as needed to achieve the best treatment results. Genome Insight will provide timely whole genome data generation, analysis and interpretation results in line with clinician practice. Additionally, CancerVisionMTGenome Insight’s genomic browser optimized for clinicians, will be delivered to clinics to explore each patient’s cancer genomic space in simplified graphical user interfaces.

Genome Insight and Ajou University Medical Center will initially target more than 100 patients this year and will consider expanding the program further to benefit more patients.

“This pilot program is significant in that precision medicine based on WGS has now become a real option for cancer patients. Through this collaboration with the Ajou University Medical Center, we will gain real-world experience that will be crucial in improving our offerings to healthcare providers and patients.” said Young Seok Ju, founder of Genome Insight.

“We are very happy to be the first medical center in Korea to introduce WGS-based cancer care throughout the treatment journey of our cancer patients. for Ajou University Medical Center to advance our precision medicine capabilities and provide better patient care.” said Hae Shim Park, president of Ajou University Medical Center.

About Genome Insight

Genome Insight is a cancer whole genome platform company focused on accelerating the use of whole genome sequencing (WGS) for accurate diagnosis and personalized treatment of cancer and rare diseases. Our proprietary GINS platform is an automated WGS pipeline and computing system that can quickly generate meaningful interpretive information for clinicians and patients, enabling WGS to be used in real clinical settings. We are also active in research using the power of WGS to advance new therapeutic strategies for cancer and rare diseases. Our company headquarters is in San Diego (USA) with R&D offices in Seoul and Daejeon (Korea). To learn more, visit

About the Ajou University Medical Center

Ajou University Medical Center, located in Suwon, South Korea, plays a pivotal role as a tertiary general medical center. He is known for his world-class achievements in the field of patient safety and medical services by receiving JCI certification. In particular, it has 13 cancer centers, specialized treatment centers and clinics, 1,187 beds with the best medical staff. Approximately 1,200,000 outpatients and 50,000 inpatients visit Ajou University Medical Center each year. It is rated “first class” in cancer care (specifically in breast cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, large bowel cancer) by the Examination and Assessment Service of the National Health Insurance Corporation.

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