Global Vaccine Hub「KHUB Science Park」Large-scale promotion in Pohang City


This is a follow-up action after signing a 300 billion won Investment PE together with Hanmi Science-Pohang City-Gyeongsangbuk-do-Daegu-Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone Authority in 2020. The officials of the city of Pohang and The KHUB consortium has a lot of effort and more problems have been solved, attracting attention as a tangible result.

KHUB The science park is needed to secure public goods such as raw materials for vaccines and diagnostic devices. It will be built as a place with human resource training and research and production facilities based on the establishment of a global partnership with the United Kingdom, a leading and developed country for vaccines.s, too conduct industry-university cooperation with UK universities and organic companies. KHUB Science Park is a public non-profit organization, and it is designed to provide research and production services fair R&D and production infrastructure and opportunities for biotechnology companies.

Kang-deok Lee, Mayor of Pohang, said: ‘Pohang City will continue to support’KHUB Science’ to be built in Pohang Convergence Technology Industrial Zone Park to become a base of the bio-health industry in the country. Development ‘KHUB Science will be the biggest turning point in population decline due to the creation of jobs in various fields and the influx of young people people and achieves balanced regional development.”

According to the president Lim Chong-yoon, ‘KHUB Science Park’ is a program which covers ‘education-research-clinical-production’ and also international vaccine hub capable of implementing all functions of the vaccine industry, which develops into an exemplary case of public works.

And more importantly, Pohang is positioning itself as a global vaccine hub by pursuing balanced regional development that has become a national challenge.

By initiating this project, the Pohang-type bio-health industry ecosystem has a strong ripple effect. The bio-health industry takes a lot of time and a lot of money for R&D, but as a promising industry, it has a high potential for growth and future jobs, as well as a high added value that contributes to public health.

Specifically, the establishment of the ‘KHUB Science Park’ and the ‘Research-oriented Medical College’ and ‘Digital Hospital’, which are promoted in Pohang City, is not only feed excellent medical care professionalsbut also greater synergistic effects are expected by linking research, clinical trials and commercialization.

According to an official of the KHUB Vaccine Consortium, the ‘KHUB Science Park’ should be completed with a five-year plan. Due to the nature of vaccines as Ppublic goods, mRNA vaccines are currently in discussion with UK academic bio companies and is in the process of progress of the GMP facility for the production of plant-derived Covid vaccines from BioApp, a company specializing in green vaccines which is located in Pohang city.

During this time, the KHUB Vaccine Consortium, with the goal of becoming a global mRNA vaccine hub, understand Hanmi Pharmaceutical Group, Korea, Dx&Vx, BioApp, Herrings, GS Neotek, POSTECH, Global Institute of Infectious Diseases, Seoul National University Medical School, Hanyang University Institute of Life Science and Technology, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Pohang City.

SOURCE Pohang City


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