Gopchang Story Korean barbecue restaurant opens near Boston University


Gopchang Story, a Korean barbecue chain that highlights organ meats, opens today in Boston in the former T’s Pub space near Boston University. The word gopchang refers to the intestines of cattle or pigs, which appear on the menu in various forms, such as in a tofu and clam stew, over fried rice or marinated and grilled.

Grilling gopchang “has long been a staple of Korean barbecue culture, but it’s often underrepresented outside of Korea,” according to Eater NY, which includes the chain’s Manhattan location on a map of top restaurants. Korean barbecue grills in the city. The restaurant showcases “the beauty of Korean offal meat,” says Eater NY, sprinkling charred and crispy grilled beef intestines, heart and more with a unique blend of spices. While grilled entrees are menu staples, the spicy beef intestine casserole is also “an absolute standout.”

Founded in Seoul in 2004, Gopchang Story has numerous franchises across South Korea, as well as a few in the United States around New York, New Jersey and Virginia. Los Angeles expansion is also underway.

Gopchang Story’s Boston location joins a sizable Korean food scene; less than a mile on Commonwealth Avenue, diners will find a particularly good selection of restaurants serving up Korean fried chicken, bibimbap, soft tofu stews and, yes, Korean barbecue. In this section of Allston, mainstay Korean Garden is known for its barbecue and offers gopchang in various forms. But Gopchang Story’s celebration of intestines – named after him, after all – may give him an edge by catching the attention of diners excited to try hearty grilled meat dishes sprinkled with yam-based “magic powder”. .

History of Gopchang opens at 973 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston on July 20. For starters, hours of operation will be 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. Monday and Tuesday and 5 p.m. to 2 a.m. Wednesday through Sunday. Walk-in only. Watch for updates on social networks.


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