GOT7’s Jackson Proves He’s In South Korea By Meeting Jay Park, Fans Say ‘He’s Alive’


It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jackson Wang. Finally, he was in his home country of China with his family and attending events and concerts. The K-pop idol continued to release new music, music videos and pre-recorded performances, but no one had seen him live after February. There were rumors that he eventually flew to South Korea, which was later confirmed by GOT7’s Bambam.

Since GOT7 left their previous label, JYPE in 2021, the members decided to focus on their solo careers for the rest of the year. Jackson decided to stay in China where he debuted with the group PANTHEPACK, participated in variety shows and talent contests as a mentor, and expanded his career in the Chinese music industry. However, Bambam and Mark Tuan had shared that fans would hear about a GOT7 comeback when Jackson and Mark return to South Korea from their respective homes in China and Los Angeles.

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Jackson Wang in South Korea

Well, with GOT7’s comeback approaching, fans saw Mark in Seoul where he even came on Jay B’s radio show as a guest host. And while Bambam had shared that Jackson was also in South Korea, fans weren’t entirely sure as the Chinese member hadn’t updated fans on his whereabouts since February. But he finally let everyone know he was in South Korea in the cutest way possible when he met Jay Park for a dance challenge.

Korean rapper Jay Park is currently promoting his collaborative single “Ganadara” with IU. He also met idol friends to complete “Ganadara’s” TikTok and Instagram dance challenges. We had him dance with (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon, Kang Daniel, Ateez’s Mingi, and even GOT7’s Jay B. Well, his next guest turned out to be none other than Jackson Wang.

‘My heart’

Fans were pleasantly surprised and realized they had missed him as they ended up following Jackson’s trend. One fan tweeted, “Who else missed #JacksonWang’s precious smile?” Another Ahgase was happy, “THE FIRST ACTUAL RECENT VIDEO WE’VE GOT IN A TIME AND HE’S DANCING.” Another fan added, “So this is the first proof that Jackson Wang is really in South Korea.” One posted: “Missed JACKSON WANG 😭 so much.” Another joked, “Not to Jackson Wang being away from social media and then showing up like 10,000 glimmers hit him like a truck.”

An Ahgase couldn’t resist combining Jay B and Jackson’s dance video, “Their smiles at the end give off the same vibes as my heart.” Another fan made a reaction meme, “I’m Jackson Wang from China.” An Ahgase made a “Shark Tank” meme, “Jackson Wang being idle even after ahgases begged him…Jackson Wang doing a challenge with Jay Park.. Ahgases rn: this is all just rubbish hypocrisy.” One fan said, “WAIT I SEE SEE JAY PARK’S TIK TOK WITH JACKSON!”

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