Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills Restaurant Review


I would dine at Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills again, but there are some things I would do differently next time.

I would come back, but only for lunch.

Dan Koday

While I, along with the guests in my party, enjoyed many dishes in the restaurant, I admit that not everything was perfect for me.

While I thought the caliber of service was high, I found the service a bit slow and the cost, portion size and overall flavors weren’t all that different from other high end restaurants I’ve dined at and, in my opinion, had more interesting experiences. However, that’s not to say it wasn’t an extremely solid and sophisticated meal. It was.

The atmosphere and the beautiful terrace bathed in light alone are enough to bring me back to the Gucci Osteria Beverly Hills, and that without even mentioning the crowd.

For me, the restaurant is really more of a total experience and is for diners who see and are seen.

Next time I would skip the dinner tasting menu and instead go for lunch when the a la carte menu is offered and share a few dishes with a smaller group.

I would also ideally coordinate my next visit around the holiday season, especially after seeing Chef Agazzi unboxing this amazing homemade panettone, the Italian sweet bread originally from Milan, on his Instagram feed.


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