HAchubby jokes about finding PeterParkTV’s restaurant in South Korea


On a recent live broadcast from South Korea, HAchubby ordered food at a restaurant that she said was owned by fellow streamer Peter “PeterParkTV” Park.

HAchubby was in the middle of a “Just Chatting” live broadcast with a few of his friends when they watched the food they ordered at a restaurant.

Oddly enough, the food box had the image of a cartoon which HAchubby found extremely entertaining. The streamer joked about the resemblance to her friends and even started showing the image to her Twitch viewers.

HAchubby finds cartoon resemblance to PeterParkTV on South Korean restaurant foodbox

HAchubby was broadcasting from Seoul, South Korea in a fun Santa themed dress and appeared to be partying with a few of her friends. The group had ordered food from a local restaurant, but when it arrived, HAchubby noticed that the box had an eerily familiar image:

“It looks like PeterPark. The brand name is Young Man’s Chicken.

PeterParkTV’s real name is Peter Park. The Twitch creator was born in California, which is ironic as the image was found by HAchubby in South Korea. PeterPark is an American streamer and former businessman who plays a variety of games such as PUBG, Among Us, and Valorant. The streamer has 539,000 subscribers on the platform and might disagree with HAchubby and his friends.

HAchubby was immediately amused when she saw the cartoon character printed on the packaging. She and her friend claimed the image looked like Twitch streamer PeterPark.

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As the image suggests, if there is a slight resemblance between Peter and the image, the American streamer probably wouldn’t be too happy with the comparison. It was quite funny how HAchubby and her friend almost immediately commented on the cartoon’s resemblance to Peter Park. The two joked about the situation as HAchubby explained that the restaurant had no connection to Peter and was called “Young Man Chicken”.

HAchubby returned to South Korea on November 25 from Europe. She has posted several feeds featuring her friends over the past few days. HAchubby currently has 310,000 Twitch subscribers and streams several games, including League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Minecraft.

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