India: Gold rush in a Bihar village after a woman finds coins


According to reports, Bihasi Devi was busy digging the land of Giridhar-Baraon village in Buxur district for agricultural work on Sunday when she noticed a shiny yellow metal and picked it up. She didn’t know if it was gold but continued digging in the dirt with a garden trowel and found two more. One of the coins was then sold for 28,000 rupees in the local market.

Unable to hide her curiosity, she reported the matter to the villagers and also explained how she recovered some money after it was sold. In no time, villagers armed with hoes, digging sticks, spades, trowels and other tools rushed to the spot and began digging the earth in search of gold. Saroj Pal was another lucky villager who got his hands on a gold coin.

In the meantime, someone informed the police who rushed to the scene and fenced the entire area in addition to deploying a force to ensure the peace.

“We recovered three gold coins from the local villagers and the matter was reported to the archaeological department,” local branch official Kumar Pankaj told media on Wednesday.

According to him, the archaeological department was asked to make an inspection of the premises and to excavate the land. According to reports, two more coins were found by the villagers, but authorities have yet to recover them.

According to historians, the region was ruled by the Kharwar dynasty.


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