It’s hard to talk about the future of the Indo-Pacific without China l KBS WORLD


Photo: Yonhap News

Foreign Minister Park Jin stressed that it would be difficult to discuss the future of the Indo-Pacific region overlooking China, a key economic partner engaged in close cooperation with South Korea.

At a forum hosted by the Korea Association for International Studies on Wednesday, Park called for practical and strategic communication between the two sides based on a mutual understanding of their differing national interests.

Ahead of the 30th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Seoul and Beijing next week, the minister pledged to advance bilateral relations that value mutual respect and promote common interests.

On Seoul-Tokyo relations, Park said the government is committed to their 1998 joint statement on building a forward-looking partnership that contributes to world peace and prosperity.

The minister called North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats a pressing security issue that can no longer be dismissed, criticizing the North for refusing Seoul’s efforts to pursue denuclearization of the peninsula and for taking the wrong way.

Park, however, left the door open to an unconditional dialogue with the regime.


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