Korea-China-Japan University Exchange Program Expands to ASEAN


SEOUL, Nov 02 (Yonhap) – The “CAMPUS Asia” program, an educational collaboration between South Korea, China and Japan designed to train a new generation of Asian leaders, will be expanded this year to include three Southeast Asian country, the education ministry said in Sejong on Tuesday.

CAMPUS Asia, short for Collective Action for Mobility Program of University Students in Asia, was started as a follow-up pilot project after a tripartite summit in 2010 and became a stable program in 2016.

So far, universities in the three countries have been pushing for the revitalization of joint and double degrees and other cooperation projects, the ministry said, adding that 6,625 students have participated in various programs and 497 of them. have obtained double degrees.

From this year, universities from three ASEAN countries – Singapore, Malaysia and Laos – will participate in the program, which will be renamed “CAMPUS Asia Plus”, he said.

Meanwhile, Seoul, Beijing and Tokyo selected 20 project groups for the CAMPUS Asia Plus program at the end of last month after completing respective reviews in September.

Of the total, 12 project groups were formed by former participants from the three northeastern countries and with ASEAN universities, the other eight being newly formed project groups.

The selected universities will receive an average of 120 million won (approximately US $ 102,000) per year for the operating expenses of the program for five years. In addition, the cost of accommodation, installation assistance and emergency assistance can be provided to exchange students participating in the projects.

“Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the strengthening of cooperation in the field of education and exchanges between South Korea, Japan, China and ASEAN has become more important,” said Vice Minister of Education Jung Jong-chul, pledging to actively support the training of international talents who will lead the future society.


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