Lawyer Extraordinary Woo Ep 3 & 4 Review: Park Eun Bin Finds Himself Reconsidering His Career


Following the story of a genius lawyer on the autism spectrum, ENA’s “Lawyer Extraordinary Woo” debuted last week with Park Eun Bin taking on the lead role of Woo Young Woo. Despite graduating at the top of her class from Seoul National University, Woo Young Woo finds herself struggling with social interactions. The first two episodes from last week introduced us to his universe and his creative ways of handling situations alongside the team at Hanbada law firm.

Episode three, “This is Pengsoo,” sees Woo Young Woo charged with a unique case. The parents of Kim Jeong Hun, a young boy who also has autism, take a tough case to Hanbada Law Firm. Their son has been named as the number one suspect behind his older brother’s death. Woo Young Woo’s eldest, Jung Myeong Seok (Kang Ki Young), assigns her to the case, hoping that it would be easier for her to communicate with Kim Jeong Hun, though she expresses that they are both at different levels of the spectrum.

Hanbada’s lawyers go to great lengths to try to make Kim Jeong Hun comfortable with them, but the difficulties are immense. Another obstacle arises when the prosecutor targets Woo Young Woo during the hearing, causing him to reconsider his career, believing that she might not be able to benefit his client. This, combined with Woo Young Woo facing prejudice due to being an autistic person, leads to him writing a resignation letter and leaving the office after emptying his office.

All the while, Lee Jun Ho (Kang Tae Oh) tried to make amends, apologizing after his friend asked if he was volunteering for people with disabilities again, after seeing him with Woo Young. Wow. It rests heavily on his heart, but he is unable to bring up the subject to apologize to Woo Young Woo.

Episode four, “The Strife of the Three Brothers,” hits close to home for Woo Young Woo. His best friend, Dong Geurami’s father, was pressured by his two older brothers to sign a memorandum. As a result, he ends up with 260 million won in debt, while the brothers earn 5 billion and 3 billion won respectively.

Dong Geurami turns to Woo Young Woo and asks for his help. As Woo Young Woo insists that she is no longer a lawyer, after resigning, she tries to convince Jung Myeong Seok to take on the case instead. However, he shares that since he has not yet processed her resignation, she is still a lawyer and therefore should be the one handling the case herself.

Following this, during the court proceedings, a witness switches sides, leaving Woo Young Woo, Dong Geurami, and his family stunned and frustrated. Realizing that this case is going to require playing with a different book, Woo Young Woo orchestrates a heated family argument and turns it into a loophole to win the case.

After her victory, Lee Jun Ho takes her aside to give her a gift, which turns out to be a massive painting of a whale on the wall of a conference room. In other words, he introduces her to his one true love, and the effect is instantaneous. Woo Young Woo’s face lights up with pure, unadulterated joy. During the episode, he also tells her that he wants a lawyer like her by his side, becoming one of the reasons she is convinced to become a lawyer again. His passion for his work renewed, Woo Young Woo officially returns to Hanbada Law Firm.

This week’s episodes dealt with two new cases, both affecting Woo Young Woo on personal levels. So far, the show has done an incredible job of balancing personal life, professional aspects, and a little bit of romance that’s absolutely adorable to watch. Handling heavier subjects with levity and sensitivity, “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” got better with each successive episode.

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