Lotte World celebrated the official opening of a second park on March 31, 2022


Lotte World’s first theme park opened in Seoul, South Korea in 1989, and it now has a sister park in Busan with the March 31 opening of Lotte World Adventure Busan.

Photos courtesy of Lotte World Adventure Busan

Designed by Legacy Entertainment, the new park took five years to design and build, and now it contrasts with the gray color of Busan’s dense urban neighborhoods.

The distinction was intentional, creating a spectrum of color in a garden aesthetic, punctuated by landscape tableaux and sprawling water features.

“In Busan, we wanted to create timeless environments, and that meant not adhering to any particular time or place,” said Taylor Jeffs, co-owner of Legacy and creative director of Lotte World Adventure Busan. “Our goal was to give our guests a stage on which they could step away from reality and, for a brief moment, forget the pressures of their daily lives.”

Lotte World Adventure Busan offers six themed areas

Tinker Falls River Village marks the whimsical starting point, highlighted by the towering waterfall of Ogre’s Flume. From here, customers can stroll to the central hub, where a talking tree greets visitors, then choose their destination from spoke and hub lanes.

Rainbow springs is the perfect place for performances on the Garden Stage, which is a nod to the Seoul Park entertainment venue.

wonderful wood features the Mack Power Splash Restaurant and Roller Coaster, each a first for an Asian park.

Queen Lorry’s Royal Garden is home to the Park Castle, as well as a garden of fountains and a family-friendly walk inspired by Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake.”

monkfish world royal garden

happy meadows contains most of the park’s rides and attractions aimed at children.

underground earth is a “thrill seeker’s paradise”, themed after the classic Korean fairy tale, “Ogre’s Magic Club”. Iconic rides here are the Giant Swing and the Giant Digger multi-loop roller coaster.

“Just as happened at Lotte World over three decades ago, I believe visitors will form an instant and lasting emotional connection to this beautiful park from the first step through the gates,” Jeffs added, “and just like the gardens that inspired it, this connection and this park will grow stronger and more beautiful over time.

Entrance tickets for the first weeks are already sold out.

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