Minerva University Launches Interdisciplinary Minor in Sustainability


SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Minerva University, an independent, non-profit, accredited institution of higher education with a transformational approach to effective learning, is launching a new interdisciplinary program Minor in Durability to support students in their development of sustainable practices locally, nationally and internationally. From earth science to public policy and from IT to entrepreneurship, sustainability is an essential element in preparing the next generation of future leaders to solve the world’s most pressing environmental challenges, whatever the field. in which they are heading.

The minor will engage students in interdisciplinary learning and location-based projects to apply multiple perspectives and problem-solving frameworks to address complex challenges arising from the climate crisis and inequalities in the global distribution of natural resources. Students will explore real-world sustainability issues around the world while living and learning through Minerva global rotation in San Francisco, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hyderabad, Seoul and Taipei.

“Sustainability has always been a component of the Minerva curriculum. The heightened interest and passion of students, faculty and staff, combined with the urgency of the ongoing climate crisis, has motivated the launch of this new interdisciplinary minor in sustainability,” said President of Minerva University, Mike Magee. “Now that Minerva has reached proof of concept, we are ready for growth. Minerva graduates will soon be in every corner of the world implementing the changes we need to keep the Earth habitable beyond the next century, providing external partners with a unique opportunity to invest in that future.

“Minerva’s interdisciplinary undergraduate curriculum and dynamic global rotation program helped us launch our startup At sea, a company that captures CO2 emissions from ships,” said Minerva Alumni Alisha Fredriksson and Roujia Wen. “We are excited that Minerva’s new sustainability minor will further help students embark on new projects and careers to help tackle the climate crisis.”

Drawing from coursework in the colleges of arts and humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences, students investigate the principles and practices of sustainability while learning to synthesize scientific, economic, ethical, and political perspectives to support new solutions that answer the question: how do we keep the Earth habitable and create healthy conditions for future generations?

This new minor in sustainable development is an investment in a more carbon-neutral future, opening the door to additional partnerships with institutions seeking to advance green initiatives alongside Minerva and ultimately ensure a safe and habitable planet.

About Minerve University

Minerva University offers a reinvented college experience for the brightest and most motivated students around the world. Named the most innovative university in the world, Minerva’s undergraduate offering combines a groundbreaking cross-contextual interdisciplinary curriculum of the highest academic standards, an immersive global residential experience that spans seven countries, a cutting-edge digital learning environment, and an accomplished faculty versed in the science of life. ‘learning. Minerva’s graduate programs incorporate our innovative approach to learning, delivering advanced leadership, decision-making, and analytical thinking skills to professionals around the world. Minerva University is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges/Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).


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