Mriya Neo Bistro. A Ukrainian restaurant in London


Address: 275 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA

Chef, TV and radio host, ambassador of Ukrainian cuisine in the world, winner of the Global Chef Awards 2017 in Singapore for his contribution to the development of gastronomy and winner of the gold medal of the French association Best of Gastronomy Yuri Kovryzhenko – continues to promote Ukrainian cuisine in the world. Yurii has always dreamed of making Ukrainian cuisine world famous and he has dedicated the last 10 years to this. Its author’s molecular borscht even impresses the Michelin Guide.

“The war brought adjustments in the lives of all Ukrainians, I got stuck on a work visit to London and over the past 5 months our team helped raise millions of UAH for the ‘Ukraine”, said Yuri Kovryzhenko. – I have always dreamed of making Ukrainian cuisine world famous and today I can say that my dream has come true. We have opened a Ukrainian restaurant in London, the name of the establishment is “Mriya Neo Bistro”.

Kovryzhenko also revealed that the restaurant’s staff were mostly made up of refugees who were forced to leave Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. He says the restaurant is going “tell the story of modern and amazing Ukraine in the language of taste and comfort.”

Here are some examples of menu items:

  • Borscht with porcini mushrooms and duck
  • Chicken Kyiv with mashed baby potatoes and peas
  • Poppy seed cake with caramelized condensed milk
  • Zucchini pancakes with stracciatella and smoked trout
  • Strawberry vinaigrette on cream of peas and crayfish necks.

Yuriy Kovryzhenko said that the staff uniform of the London establishment is sewn by the best, in his opinion, manufacturer in Ukraine – Abrikos, the design of Mriya Neo Bistro is developed by Ukrainian architects from the Replus bureau.

By the way, Yuriy Kovryzhenko has already participated in the opening of Ukrainian restaurants in Seoul and Tbilisi.

Mriya translates to “dream” in Ukrainian,” says Kovryzhenko. “Dream of victory, dream of coming home and reuniting with your family, dream of restoring our country, dream of a peaceful heaven for our children.”


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