[Newsmaker] Prosecutors Close Seoul Park Mayor Alleged Sexual Harassment Case


Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office (Yonhap)

Prosecutors have decided not to indict former Seoul mayor Park Won-soon, accused of sexually harassing his secretary, local reports showed on Tuesday.

The decision was made by prosecutors from the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office on Friday. Prosecutors have closed the case as they no longer have the right to appear to file an indictment against the late Park.

As prosecutors have closed the case, the connection between his death and the prosecution will not be further investigated and will not be revealed.

In July 2020, Park’s former secretary first filed a complaint with the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, accusing Park of his sexual misconduct.

Park’s former assistant said he sexually harassed her for several years. She also submitted related evidence, including text messages.

After the police questioned the assistant, Park would likely have been summoned for questioning soon.

However, Park was reported missing the day after the complaint was filed and found dead several hours later in an apparent suicide.

Considering that his death came the day after his sexual misconduct charge, many have speculated that Park had committed suicide after information about the report was leaked to him, feeling the pressure of a possible looming scandal.

Park was Seoul’s first elected mayor to serve three terms. He was also seen as a potential presidential candidate for the ruling Democratic Party of Korea.

By Shim Woo-hyun ([email protected])


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