On first date, couple leave restaurant without paying, expecting other party to pay $270 bill


The next day, Ms. Ho and her husband, who oversees another branch, contacted Mr. Jung.

“We talked to him nicely and asked him to pay, but he laughed at us. My husband said we were going to file a police report. He laughed and said, ‘Go call the police'”, Ms. Ho said.

Recounting the exchange, Mr Jung said: “I tried to explain the situation, but he refused to listen and told me to talk to the police… I waited to be contacted by the police but the owner contacted me again and told me it was (advisable) to sue me since this is a civil case so I told him to do so since I don’t I did nothing wrong.

Mrs. Ho said she was grateful that the woman, at least, paid her half the bill. The owner did not wish to reveal her name as the woman had told her not to contact her or reveal her personal details after she paid her share on March 19.

About the man, Madame Ho added, “If he is serious about paying us, he should come to us in person, apologize and make the payment. Then we will accept. Disappointed with him.”

After contacting Mr. Jung on March 16, Ms. Ho filed a police report. She said the police later referred her to small claims court.

Ms. Ho said the small claims courts could not proceed with the case because she did not have the full names, addresses and NRIC numbers of the diners.

Her 25-year-old daughter told her to contact the law firm IRB Law for pro bono services.

On March 23, a lawyer contacted Ms. Ho and said he would send a warrant to Mr. Jung. She has not heard from the lawyer since.

Since the incident became public, Mr. Jung said he has received calls and messages from strangers on social media. He said the restaurant had also written to his business asking him to pay the remaining half of the bill.

Additionally, a stranger called his ex-wife on Wednesday morning and referenced a video of their son, who is less than a year old.

Mr Jung said: “I have a YouTube page with videos of my son. My ex-wife said the caller mentioned our son and told him to remind me to pay the bill.

“(For the) bill I have to pay, that’s no problem. I can pay easily. But I shouldn’t let the wife (his date) get away with it.”

Ms. Ho said that in 25 years in the food and beverage business, this is her first encounter with customers who have left without paying. Its outlet in Serangoon Gardens was opened in 2020.

“My daughter advised me to tell customers to order, (and) then make payment at the counter. But we are not a fast food restaurant… We (have) told our staff to be more careful,” she added.


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