Park Bo Young Shares Hilarious Encounter With Moviegoers That Offer Real Reaction To His Movies


Bo Young Park will soon reach the second decade of her career, but not everyone has been a fan of her.

After debuting in 2006 through shirt film EqualPark Bo Young started landing different roles in different projects which earned him several accolades and awards.

Some of her most recent accolades include Seoul International Drama Awards Outstanding Korean Actress, KCA Consumer Day Awards Best Actress, V Live Awards Special V Live – V Live Special Thanks, and Korean Popular Culture and Arts Awards’ Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Commendation.

Despite this, Park Bo Young personally learned that some people who watched his films were unhappy with his performance.

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Park Bo Young Learns People’s Real Reaction To His Artwork

When he appeared on You quiz on the block, Park Bo Young spoke candidly about when she discovered the reactions of moviegoers to her movies.

the Strong Woman Bong-Soon The actress noted that they always hold test screenings before releasing her films. They invite people the cast members know to make sure the events are all fun.

So, in order to find out people’s answers, she once went among regular moviegoers.

When she went to the cinema bathroom, she reportedly overheard people talking about her acting and criticizing her.

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Once, I was washing my hands when a viewer talked about my acting. I kept washing my hands thinking, ‘Was I that bad? Did I not do well? “, she recalls.

Park Bo Young got a chance to prove them wrong and get better again in the upcoming drama adaptation of The morning also arrives in the psychiatric departments. Recent reports have revealed that she has yet to confirm her appearance, but fans are already feeling excited as he would be working with we are all dead director Lee Jae Gyu in the drama.

Park Bo Young also gets emotional during You quiz on the block Appearance

Joking aside, Park Bo Young also took her time to show off her soft side.

She spoke to Jo Se Ho and Yoo Jae Suk about her close relationship with her two sisters, saying that she owes her elder sister a debt of gratitude.

“My hometown is Chungcheong Province. I had to come [to Seoul] alone but because my parents were worried they asked [my sister], ‘Can’t you go and stay with her?’ My older sister had no friends in Seoul, but she came with me. Since I was very busy, she cooked and cleaned for me, did my laundry and made a lot of sacrifices,” she said.

The actress recalled how her younger sister also left whatever she was doing in Seoul to take care of her when she fell ill. She added that she finds it hard to thank her despite being siblings.

She then noted with emotion how she chose to express her gratitude at the birth of her nephew. At that time, she gave her older sister a car so she could drive safely with her baby in the infant car seat.

At the end, Park Bo Young confessed that her sisters were her strength and she was always the best actress for them.

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