Park Eun Bin Victim Of Fake News On Social Media Amid Popularity Of “Extraordinary Lawyer Woo”


While Park Eun Bin couldn’t escape the prying eyes of the media and the public, especially amid the continued popularity of her K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” she has recently been the target of fake news online. Unfortunately, this type of news causes concern among his fans.

Park Eun Bin is the subject of fake news

According to a report, an article titled “Park Eun Bin Related Search Terms” was featured in an online community, Clien, containing various YouTube videos involving the actress.

Unfortunately, the 29-year-old star has become a subject of fake news online as some content includes malicious reports.

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Eun Bin Park

Some of them contain titles such as “Park Eun Bin has won the Oscars”, “Japan protests the expulsion of Park Eun Bin” and even alarming news that “Park Eun Bin has been assaulted and taken away to emergencies”.

With that, netizens and fans expressed mixed reactions regarding this fake news about Park Eun Bin.

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While the majority of commenters mentioned that the YouTube channel should be deleted or punished, others hoped that Park Eun Bin’s agency would take legal action against the malicious comments.

The alarming news comes at the height of her current K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

Park Eun Bin Catapulted To Massive Fame Thanks To “Extraordinary Lawyer Woo”

'Avocado Extraordinary Woo' Poster

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The love life drama is surely one of the most successful series of 2022 as the 16-episode series has created a major buzz among the viewers.

With skyrocketing ratings, overwhelmingly positive reviews, and a perfect streak in the top drama and actor rankings, the series is sure to open up plenty of opportunities not only for Park Eun Bin, but also for his co-stars. stars Kang Ki Young and Kang Tae Oh.

However, did you know that before landing the role of Woo Young Woo, Park Eun Bin turned down “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.”

During her interview with Allure Korea, the actress revealed that at the time, she was also offered to play the lead role in “The King’s Affection” with SF9’s Rowoon.

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The role earned her several awards, including Best Actress at the 2021 SBS DRama Awards.

As for turning down the offer for “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” the actress explained that she was terrified the role might offend other viewers.

“He’s my first genie-type character, and Young Woo is on the autism spectrum. I think I thought about what’s considered normal when taking on this role,” she said.

Luckily, the audience’s response is totally different than expected and is now getting good reviews from the audience.

What’s next for Park Eun Bin?

Eun Bin Park

(Photo: Allure Korea Official) Park Eun Bin

As the actress reaps the rewards of her hard work, it’s safe to say that Park Eun Bin will be starring in another K-drama in no time.

However, outside of her acting career, the 29-year-old star is the face of several brands, including Chilsung drink, Korean skincare brand The Face Shop and Rataplan Seoul, and has worked with the Swiss luxury watchmaker Tissot.

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