Park Hae Jin’s Agency Shuts Down Rumors He Was Arrested For Drug Abuse


Park Hae Jin’s agency clarified that he was not the actor arrested yesterday for drug addiction.

On September 10, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station announced that they arrested an actor in his 40s (hereafter referred to as “A”) for drug abuse at around 2 p.m. KST. According to the police, they first received a report that a man was “running around like he was on drugs”, and when they gave “A” a urine drug test, his results came back positive.

Following the announcement, reports circulated that ‘A’ was an actor who had played both leading and supporting roles in various dramas and films – and that he had made his debut in a supporting role in a 2006 Public Broadcast Network drama. As a result, a number of actors fitting this description would be “A,” and one of the most frequently mentioned actors amid growing speculation was Park Hae Jin.

On September 11, Park Hae Jin’s agency Artist Company issued a statement strongly denying that the actor was involved in the matter in question, and they also threatened to take legal action against any further spread of false stories. rumors that he was “A”.

The full statement from the agency is as follows:

Hello, this is Artist Company.

We have confirmed that baseless lies have recently spread through online communities about Park Hae Jin having something to do with the 40-year-old male actor who was arrested for drug use.

This is completely untrue and Park Hae Jin has no connection to the case in question.

If baseless lies related to this case continue to spread, we plan to respond with strong legal action against those who wrote and spread these lies.

We inform you that our agency will continue to take legal action against malicious acts, such as defamation of character and the spreading of malicious rumors, in order to protect the honor and rights of our actors.


Lee Moo Saeng’s agency previously issued a similar statement clarifying that Lee Moo Saeng was not the actor arrested for drug addiction.

Watch Park Hae Jin in his latest drama “From Now On, Showtime!” below:

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