Park Ju Hyun talks about upcoming movie with Yoo Ah In + acting tips she got from Hwang Jung Min


In a recent interview and photo for Dazed Korea magazine, Park Ju Hyun spoke about his upcoming feature!

The rising star is currently busy shooting the new Netflix movie “Seoul Vibe”, an action flick that will also star Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Lee Kyu Hyung and Ong Seong Wu.

Speaking fondly of his friendship with his co-stars, Park Ju Hyun shared, “In the movie our five family members are called the ‘Hole Fam’, and because our ages are relatively similar and everyone has such great personalities, we really get along like a real ‘Hole Fam’.

The actress also revealed that she really enjoys shooting the movie and that the fun and relaxed atmosphere on set has changed the way she approaches her acting.

“Until now, I was overworking myself from the pressure of filming, and I was holding onto the script and getting too sensitive,” she recalls. “‘Seoul Vibe’ is the first time I have felt so comfortable and relaxed while playing.”

“Seoul Vibe” is Park Ju Hyun’s feature debut, and she shared that the filming process was immensely different from what she experienced with dramas.

“The support of the film has a completely different charm than that of the dramas,” explained the actress. “When you’re filming a drama you don’t know what might be going on on set, and since the shooting schedule is tight, you need quick reflexes and the ability to focus on the moment. But for the movies, I think you have to have a really lasting, lasting strength. Because from start to finish, the actors and the director tenaciously pursue something together. “

Park Ju Hyun then shared this when she was filming her 2020 series “Extracurricular,” she received some great acting advice from Hwang Jung Min which she still uses today. The veteran actor advised her to keep a journal from her character’s perspective, and Park Ju Hyun reported that the exercise had a huge influence on how she viewed her role in “Seoul Vibe”.

As an example, she explained, “While writing a diary as Yoon Hee of ‘Seoul Vibe’, I got the feeling that Yoon Hee would like spicy food. In fact, I can’t eat spicy food. spicy food in real life. But I’ll try to use ideas that pop up like that on the set. Like in a scene where I eat with other people, I chew a chili and I eat it raw. that I want to chew on a chili like nothing’s wrong will make me more Yoon Hee-esque. That’s why I do things like that.

The full interview with Park Ju Hyun is available in the November issue of Dazed Korea magazine.

While you wait for “Seoul Vibe”, watch Park Ju Hyun in his latest drama “Mouse” with subtitles below!

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