Park Ju-hyun’s dramatic return to badminton


I like to play everythingalso called The speed for you is 493 KM (너에게 가는 속도 493km) is a 2022 Korean sports romantic comedy film directed by Jo Woong. The series is 16 episodes long and stars Park Ju-hyun, Chae Jong-hyeop, Park Ji-hyun, Kim Moo-joon, and Seo Ji-hye in the lead roles. I like to play everything Episode 1 has a duration of 70 minutes.

— Love All Play episode 1 recap contains spoilers —

We’re introduced to Park Ju-hyun as Park Tae-yang who used to work at a fish shop and learned how to make sashimi, but now it’s time for her to go home. She thanks her boss before leaving and while her boss thinks she’s going to Seoul to work at a Sushi Place, Tae-yang has different plans. Tae-yang lands directly in a badminton stadium.

The Seoul City Hall team and the Yunis national team compete in a group tournament. Both teams have their best players who are the least interested in playing and show up at the last minute when their coaches scold them. Park Tae-joon from the Seoul City Hall team has been playing badminton since he was 7 years old. He always finds excuses before coming to play because he is not interested in badminton.

Still from Episode 1 of Love All Play

Yuk Jung-hwan from Team Yunis is a silver medalist and refuses to play in local tournaments because he wants to rest. His tantrums have only increased as he asks his sponsor to keep him or his coach. He doesn’t want to train and demands to let him train when he wants and with whom he wants. Although he looks like a proud and arrogant person with such behavior, there is a different reason behind it.

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Jung-hwan is mentally exhausted and he feels compelled to win a gold medal. His mother advises him to see a therapist but he refuses to do so. He is insecure about his own image and feels people will walk all over him if they think he is weak. His effort to save his image becomes an obstacle to his sport.

Chae Jong Hyeop
Still from Episode 1 of Love All Play

Seoul City Hall teammates have more camaraderie than Team Yunis. Tae-joon loses the match when his teammate in the doubles match gets injured. When his injured friend refuses to leave the game, he tells him not to put his career above his life. They lose the match and Tae-joon shockingly decides to retire. He takes his teammates out for a drink at his retirement party.

At the restaurant, they see Team Yunis and are about to leave when Tae-joon stops them. Tae-joon sees Tae-yang at the Yunis team table and he already seems to know her. Tae-yang was a badminton player, but she got caught up in an officials bribery scandal and disappeared from the sport, but now she is back after three years. No one from Team Yunis is welcoming to Tae-yang and she already has issues with Yeong-sim, whom she used to play with.

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Love All Play Episode 1 Ending

Tae-joon has applied to become a badminton coach and at a gym he meets Tae-yang and his father. Although Tae-yang denies not recognizing him at first, she later agrees to get to know him. Tae-joon had met Tae-yang when they were at school. It is because of Tae-joon that Tae-yang plays badminton. She lived with her grandmother and was caught by Tae-joon when she tried to steal his bike. He discovered that she was a gifted badminton player when she beat him in a match.

Love All Play episode 1 recap: Park Ju-hyun's dramatic return to badminton
Still from Episode 1 of Love All Play

Tae-joon told her coach about her and her coach adopted her and made her the badminton player she is today. That’s why she advises Tae-joon not to retire from the sport. Tae-joon no longer finds badminton fun, but he jokes with his friend that if he gets a salary of 60 million won, he will think about not retiring. Much to his surprise, the Yunis company offers him the same amount which falters Tae-joon’s decision and he joins Yunis instead of retiring.

Love All Play Episode 1 Review

In the first episode, I like to play everything too rushed the story. For a story with so many characters up front, not all characters have enough time to introduce themselves. Even though Tae-yang and Tae-joon are getting more screen time, parts of their stories have been scattered throughout the episode and it’s hard to connect them. There are plenty of instances where the story could have been held back to create a climax, but it half-heartedly gives the answers. Hopefully the story will develop better in future episodes.

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