Park So-dam returns as professional driver in “Special Cargo” car chase movie


Park So-dam, one of the stars of the Oscar-winning film “Parasite”, returns to the big screen as a driver in the upcoming car chase film “Special Cargo” directed by Park Dae-min.

“Special Cargo” is a police action film centered around a special professional delivery driver Eun-ha (Park So-dam). She delivers everything that cannot be legally delivered. One day, Eun-ha is tasked with delivering a young boy Seo-won (Jung Hyeon-jun) who is pursued by a criminal group. When she decides to save him, she becomes the target not only of the criminal group, but also associated corrupt police officers.

“I started this project to create an action movie with a female lead role,” director Park said at a press conference Thursday at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in east Seoul. “I wanted to show a professional driver doing a fierce race in the movie and I tried to think of the situation in which the main character would be forced to do it. It was then that a story about protecting a child came to my mind.

The director added that while Eun-ha is protecting a child in the film, he didn’t want the arrangement to feel like a mother-child relationship.

“I didn’t want it to show motherly love. On the contrary, I wanted them to look like they were becoming friends, ”he said.

Park So-dam was unable to attend Thursday’s press conference as she recovers from surgery for papillary thyroid cancer, according to her Artist Company.

The director also explained why he chose Park So-dam.

“After I finished writing the script, I gave it to So-dam right away. I am her fan and I knew she would succeed, ”said the director. “This is her first action feature film and she has the power to make it all believable.”

Child actor Jung, 10, who also appeared in “Parasite” as the son of a wealthy family, once again shared his work experience with Park So-dam.

“I leaned on her a lot and focused on performing as a kid who doesn’t want to part with Eun-ha,” Jung said.

Jung also expressed his disappointment at the press conference that he is unable to watch the film as it received a rating intended for audiences aged 15 and over.

“I want to know how I played and it’s a shame I can’t watch it. The first thing I’ll do when I’m 15 is watch ‘Special Cargo’, ”the child actor said firmly, making everyone laugh.

During the conference, the director also spoke about the film selected to be screened in the Rotterdam Port program of the 2022 International Film Festival.

“I was so happy to hear the news. I was delighted to attend the festival in person, but due to the broadcast of Omicron, I heard that the festival has become an online event, ”he said.

The film festival will be held from January 26 to February 6.

“I hope the virus situation improves soon so that we can watch movies (in theaters) without worry. I want to show my film to a global audience, ”added the director.

Park’s film has been sold in 47 countries around the world and will hit theaters in five Asian countries this month, according to its distributor NEW. “Special Cargo” will be released in Hong Kong, Singapore and Mongolia on January 13-14, followed by Indonesia on January 19 and Taiwan on January 28 after first hitting local theaters on January 12.

By Song Seung-hyun ([email protected])


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