Park Systems Announces AFM Scholarship for Topographic Mapping with Scanning Electrochemical Cellular Microscopy (SECCM) Using the Park NX 10 Atomic Force Microscope


Electrochemical scanning cell microscopy (SECCM) is a new pipette-based nanoelectrochemical scanning probe technique designed to study the local electrochemical properties of electrode surfaces using Park’s atomic force microscope. Using SECCM, researchers can perform thousands of confined nanoelectrochemical measurements (droplet area ranges from nm2 to µm2) on a single surface.

“My research included high resolution morphological test, precise positioning test and repeatability test to provide experimental evidence on routine and commercial application of SECCM,” General Liu comments. “Based on the described configuration, the clear information about the topographic and electrochemical activity of the self-assembly of ~45 nm gold nanoparticles was successfully recorded.”

As mentioned above, Park AFM’s very stable current control and extremely precise Z-head movement ensured smooth execution of accurate SECCM measurements. “Features include completely independent Z-direction displacement control as slow as 0.1 μm s-1 approach speed and low current detection capability less than 1.0 pA. All make possible the routinely operating SECCM to map the nanoscale surface chemical reaction in our research,” adds Liu.

Gen Liu photographed with Park Systems NX 10 at TICNN, Tianjin University

Park AFM Scholarship Gen Liu obtained his BS and MS degrees from the Department of Science at Northeastern University, PR China. Currently, he is a PhD candidate under the supervision of Professor Lei Ma at Tianjin International Center for Nanoparticles and Nanosystems (TICNN), Tianjin University, China PR in 2017. His work mainly focuses on improving the technique of scanning electrochemical cell microscopy and its application in catalysis. The research Topographic mapping with scanning electrochemical cell microscopy was published in Analytical Chemistry. 2022,94,5248-5254. link:

Professor Lei Ma of TICNN, Tianjin University

Lei Ma is currently Pei yang professor in Tianjin University. He got his doctorate. degree in 2010 and postdoctoral training in brown university and Georgia technical lately. Since 2016, he has held a full professorship in Tianjin The University, together with Prof. deHeer, co-founded the Tianjin International Center for Nanoparticles and Nanosystems. His research covers a broad spectrum of low-dimensional condensed matter physics, chemistry and materials science and focuses primarily on graphene electronics, cluster physics and chemistry, related materials and chemistry. to energy, and the development of a high resolution mass spectrometer, a photoelectron spectrometer and tools for condensed low dimension. characterization of matter.

The Tianjin International Center for Nanoparticles and Nanosystems is committed to creating an innovative and international academic environment, as well as building a new type of international research center that will produce world-class research and serve as a platform high-end scientific and technological personnel training. . TICNN currently has an international research team from three different continents, mainly focusing on graphene electronics, cluster physics, chemistry, high-precision mass spectrometry, photoelectron spectroscopy and micro-environmental science. .

About Park Systems

Since its IPO and listing on KOSDAQ in 2016, Park Systems’ stock has quadrupled as it continues to lead the world in atomic force microscopy market share growth. Park Systems, a global manufacturer of AFM, has nanoscience centers in key cities around the world, including Santa Clara, California; Albany, NY; Beijing, China; Tokyo, Japan; Bengaluru, India; Singapore; Heidelberg, Germany; and Suwon and Seoul, Korea. Park Systems offers a complete line of products for researchers and industrial engineers in the chemical, materials, physics, life sciences, semiconductor and data storage industries. Park’s products are used by thousands of institutions and businesses worldwide, and they deliver the highest data accuracy at nanoscale resolution, superior productivity, and low cost of ownership. Please visit More information. For more information on the SECCM park, go here.

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