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Irene from Red Velvet

According to the user who posted the photo, Irene from Red Velvet started crying before ordering another bottle of wine. It was stated that it looks like the K-pop idol may be celebrating her birthday.

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Although the K-pop idol cried a little, Red Velvet’s Irene quickly started laughing again and ordered another bottle of wine. Irene celebrated her 31st birthday not so long ago, on March 29.

It was also stated that Red Velvet’s female acquaintance Irene gave him a gift. The netizen noted that they were surprised at the way the K-pop idol spoke and reacted, something more different compared to how Irene usually speaks and acts on camera.

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Although the real reason Red Velvet’s Irene cried remains a mystery. But it’s now believed the K-pop idol was heartbreaking over the gift and the possible sweet back and forth between her and her female acquaintance.

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