Singer Park Hwayobi ordered to pay agency 330 million won for breach of contract


Park Hwayobi, R&B singer [JTBC]

The Seoul Central District Court ordered singer Park Hwayobi to pay 330 million won ($239,600) to her former entertainment agency Music Authority for breaching her contract.

In 2019, Music Authority paid Park’s back taxes of around 290 million won and later amended her contract with the singer to state that she no longer owed him a payment of 300 million won that had been owed to her. promised in her initial contract which she signed in 2017.

In February 2020, Park requested the termination of his contract with Music Authority. However, the agency refused, saying it suffered significant financial damage because of Park.

When the dispute continued, Music Authority sued Park.

During the lawsuit, the agency claimed that Park was responsible for the breach of contract and sued her for a total of 410 million won – 300 million won in advance, 110 million won in damages and 30 million won which the company claimed to have borrowed and failed to repay.

Park argued that she was pressured into the contract by the CEO of Music Authority, citing civil law which states that one can breach a contract if coerced or deceived into it.

“The court acknowledges that there was abusive language and malicious behavior surrounding defendant, but fails to see that such actions were sufficient to pressure her into signing the contract,” the court revealed. court on Sunday. “There is no evidence to show that she entered into the contract against her will.”

The court also cited that Park only released three songs that she sang herself despite the contract requiring her to release 50.

“The defendant has continually failed to meet the obligations set out in the contract,” he said. “It broke the trust that is the basis of the contract, and therefore, the defendant is responsible for the breach of contract.”

However, the court rejected Music Authority’s claim for 110 million won, citing a lack of evidence to prove the agency’s claim that it spent that amount to produce Park’s songs.

In a separate case, the Music Authority CEO, nicknamed Yoo, sued Park for 20 million won which he claimed Park borrowed from him but never repaid. The court ruled in Yoo’s favor and ordered Park to pay him back.

Park is an R&B artist who debuted in 2000 with her first full-length album “My All.” She is best known for songs such as “Something Like That” (2000), “Eot-teon Gayo” (2002), “Girl Like Me” (2010) and “Bye Bye Bye” (2010). His last music was an EP called “Sunset”. It came out last November.



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