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Forecast love and weather (기상청 사람들: 사내연애 잔혹사 편) is a Korean television series directed by Cha Young-hoon and starring Park Min-young, Song Kang and Yoon Bak, alongside other actors. The series has 16 episodes and Forecast love and weather episode 13 lasts 70 minutes and is titled Scenario 1, 2, 3.

Netflix describes the series as follows:

In a national weather service, love proves just as difficult to predict as rain or shine for a diligent forecaster and her free-spirited colleague.

— Forecasting Love and Weather episode 13 recap contains major spoilers —

Aside from the major drama of Si-woo and Ha-kyung, Forecast love and weather Episode 13 starts out a little more interesting – Typhoon Ricky doesn’t have it and is wreaking havoc. However, the KMA has done a great job of warning people in advance and although it’s been chaos in the office all night, as morning rolls around people are glad they were able to make a good prediction. .

Things, however, aren’t looking up for Ha-kyung, who for some reason chooses to bring Si-woo’s scam father home in the hopes that it will mend his partner’s relationship with her. and his own father. On the other hand, Yu-jin and Ki-jun’s relationship is also beyond repair, it seems after Yu-jin convinces herself that her husband hasn’t come to meet her away from the hospital himself. same.

Still from love and weather forecast episode 13

Back at the office, it’s a little nicer, with the three remaining co-workers chatting about when they learned about the new office romance. But, we barely stay there and are quickly drawn back to Ha-kyung trying to figure out Si-woo’s father. When she realizes this (probably), she gives him some money and asks him to go back to Seoul alone. On the other hand, an infant Yu-jin refuses to talk to Ki-jun to at least get his side of the story, refuses all his efforts to talk to him.

Ha-kyung replaces Si-woo and for some reason the director makes it seem like getting hurt isn’t a big deal. I mean, sure, it could be something that comes with the nature of the job. But you can be… sympathetic towards your colleagues. I think I would show at least some concern if one of my employees couldn’t hear out of one ear because of a job I sent them for. But, that’s just me. Anyway, before this discussion even ends, Si-woo storms off, much to Ha-kyung’s surprise.

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love and weather forecast episode 13
Still from love and weather forecast episode 13

But, one thing I have to attribute to this episode is that an adorable penguin gif is uploaded instead of the typhoon report and everyone in the office rushes to take responsibility. It’s funny but it only lasts a minute. Then we go back to Ki-jun kneeling for Yu-jin. I like the sentiment, if only I didn’t feel cheaters deserved it. Anyway, after another heated argument, Yu-jin’s stepfather bursts in and starts hitting Ki-jun for making his daughter cry and when Yu-jin calls him father and asks him to stop, things take a happier turn, which is, honestly, like a welcome change of pace.

Just like Dong-han who gets a break after getting divorced. However, with Typhoon Elisha heading for Korea, Ha-kyung chooses to go to sea to get better predictions on which direction the typhoon will head. Of course, Si-woo joins her in this bold and brave quest at sea because her luck last time was fantastic. Anyway, this time all the weather balloons are in the air and the team is able to get the necessary data to make a more accurate prediction.

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Despite all these headaches, Ha-kyung opts to go with the first scenario they discussed and asks Mi-jin to let her take responsibility for any flak they receive. According to her, it is important to save people’s lives instead of being right or wrong. As mainlanders rush to spread the news, Ha-kyung must now choose what to do with her relationship — and she chooses to take a little longer. Meanwhile, Seok-ho breaks up with Tae-kyung because he’s unable to focus on work, or at least tries to.

Back on the boat, after a calmer discussion, Ha-kyung chooses to break up with Si-woo. Unfortunately, everyone in the office knows about their romance by now. Meanwhile, we learn that Yu-jin is pregnant.

Final Thoughts: Love and Weather Prediction, Episode 13

Forecast love and weather Episode 13 is still dragging on, but I liked this episode more than the previous one if only because we had minimal parental interference. Si-woo’s dad and Ha-kyung’s mom are insufferable to sit on and although I know the Asian mom trope is a thing on the shows, and I know there are moms like that there, Ha-kyung is very old. It’s not like she’s 18 and needs some parenting advice. What’s the deal with so much annoying character interference from his mother? I feel like they wanted to add some humor through his character, but it turns out it’s nothing more than an itch that you just can’t scratch.

love and weather forecast episode 13
Still from love and weather forecast episode 13

Ditto for Si-woo’s father. First, add it as a background of course. But having it ramble over and over again (strongly) for long periods of time seems overkill and unnecessary. I hated him when they first introduced him I despised him when they kept having his character and the fact that he still made an appearance 3 episodes out of the finale I’m livid .

I’m more invested in the characters of Dong-han and Seok-ho and how they develop. Although minor characters, they seem genuine and not boring. Not much happens, but whatever screen time they get is a refreshing look away from the toxicity that is Ha-kyung and Ki-jun’s respective lives. I can’t bear to watch these two couples going in circles on the same path, as if that will magically change something in the show.

love and weather forecast episode 13
Still from love and weather forecast episode 13

Also, can Ha-kyung and Ki-jun, if for nothing, just my sanity, stop being friends? Does everyone forget that the man cheated on her with his future wife on their bed in their future home funded largely by Ha-kyung? Are you kidding me right now? Same for Yu-jin and Si-woo but again, she’s too immature to be in a relationship, let alone get married.

However, I liked how they added the episode title to the different situations. It’s something the show has been doing well since the first episode, but the later ones have been so depressing of epic proportions that this one looks so much better by comparison. But in reality, it’s just a small difference.

Forecast love and weather is streaming on Netflix.

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