‘Squid Game’ Star Park Hae-soo Returns With Netflix Movie ‘Yaksha’


SEOUL, April 5 (Yonhap) — “Squid Game” star Park Hae-soo will return to the small screen as a principled prosecutor unexpectedly involved in a covert intelligence operation in the upcoming movie. Netflix spy “Yaksha: Ruthless Operations”.

Park plays Ji-hoon, an ambitious prosecutor with no tolerance for any unlawful misdeeds, who is sent to inspect the Shenyang branch of the National Intelligence Service, dubbed the Black Ops team, and its notorious leader, Kang-in (Sul Kyung- ku).

“Ji-hoon is a prosecutor overseeing the Black Ops team in the Chinese city of Shenyang,” Park said during an online press conference on Tuesday. “He faces many dangerous situations and speaks English, Japanese and Chinese.”

He accuses the team of illicit activities filled with assassinations, eavesdropping, and network hacking and tries to disrupt their clandestine plan, but happens to be involved in the behind-the-scenes competition involving the intelligence agencies of Seoul, Pyongyang, Beijing and Tokyo.

Unlike cop-turned-hitman Han in his previous Netflix thriller “Time to Hunt” (2020), Ji-hoon is just a scholarly, supernatural man who never imagines getting involved in life or crime operations. died in the north Chinese city bordering North Korea.

The actor, who rose to international fame for his role in the global sensation ‘Squid Game’, said he was sidelined from splendid action sets, especially shootouts, which adorn the fierce battle for intelligence in the Northeast Asia region. Led by Kang-in, the four members of the black team are trained to be professional field agents skilled in firefights and hand-to-hand combat.

Throughout the 125-minute film, Ji-hoon continues to be beaten and bullied and run away to survive.

“Ji-hoon did different kinds of actions, like being knocked down or kicked, jumping and running away,” he said. “Honestly, I really wanted to wear nice outfits that the Black team members wear.”

But he said he was delighted to join the project in which veteran actor Sul holds a title role and perfectly portrays Kang-in, nicknamed Yaksha, a fierce mythical deity, who dares to bend the rules and even kill enemies to lead. successfully the mission.

“Like his nickname Yaksha, he’s ruthless, violent and ruthless, but he can risk his life to do the right thing,” Sul said, adding that “Yaksha” is his first Netflix title. “In the original script, Kang-in was much cooler and a more superb character, but I asked the director to change it a bit because I didn’t dare to direct it.”

Director Na Hyeon, who wrote the script for sports drama “Forever the Moment” (2008) and directed crime actor “The Prison” (2016), said “Yaksha” is a style spy movie. Hollywood that takes place in Northeast Asia. .

“Shenyang is less well known but it’s a very big city on the North Korean border. So the consulates of regional powers cluster there,” the director said. “This film will be an Asian take on a spy movie that will appeal to global audiences via Netflix.”

“Yaksha” will be available on Netflix from Friday.


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