Street Goose restaurant opens in Bournemouth


Two chefs have opened their own restaurant with a unique brand of “jazzy” street food.

Darren Wardman and Marcin Hoin launched Street Goose in Albert Road, Bournemouth just before Christmas.

The menu, including flatbreads, wings, burgers, Bao rolls, pancakes and more, has a modern European twist on Japanese and Korean cuisine.

And all products are sourced locally whenever possible.

Business has been slow for the past few weeks, but the pair are confident things will pick up.

Darren, 37, said: “We’ve both been chefs for years, but this is our first adventure on our own. We just wanted to run our own business and put our own ideas into practice.

“Hospitality is an easy business to get into, but it’s definitely a tough thing to master. We had a slow start, but we’re optimistic about it taking off.

“The challenge is to get customers through the door. They are very happy with the food and the service once they’ve done it. We’ve had great feedback. People also like the relaxed atmosphere and informal that we have tried to create.”

Marcin, from Poland, added: “Settling down alone is always a risk, but of course there is a lot of potential.

“We look forward to doing well in the summer when the city is very busy. We really feel like we have something special and different here.”


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